Nagare - Fluid Analysis Software

Nagare series are exclusive software for fluid analysis to focus on understanding fluid phenomenon physically. Its methodology is based on Navier-Stokes equations. It has following 2 features;

  • 1. Anyone can reachable to the software only with general physical knowledge,
  • 2. The software continuously visualizes fluid phenomenon which is unsteady and complicated.

Incompressible fluid analysis software for orthogonal coordinate system



Nagare3D.dh is incompressible fluid analysis software with Cartesian coordinate system, which simulates fluid movement with Reynolds number in 3D with a high degree of accuracy and without turbulence model. Solving a physical equation results in strict reflection of input data. Any physical parameter is available for initialization as well as temperature.

Analysis Processing
iCFD visualization software, Clef, is packaged, and anyone can easily capture fluid phenomenon visually and intuitively. The output data format is disclosed, and the results may be further processed with common tools such as ORIGIN ® MATLAB ®.


Automatic Grid Generation
Calculation grid is automatically generated to simplify initialization, and it significantly reduces setup time.

Calculation Initialization
Various parameters are available for initialization in Nagare2D/3D such as;

  • - Inflow/outflow, inflow velocity, temperature, velocity variation at some points,
  • - Fluid viscosity and its variation due to temperature,
  • - Buoyancy subjected to external force such as gravitation,
  • - Coriolis force,
  • - Setting of smooth and non-smooth wall, isothermal wall,insulated wall,moving wall, and rotating/moving object,
  • - Time steps, averaging at any time step,setting data output interval, specifying ongoing calculation after any time interval after computation.

Govering Equation and Computation
The software solves Navier-Stokes equations, which are fluid momentum equations, without turbulence model. It takes third-order upwind difference scheme for convection term and second-order accurate central-difference scheme for diffusion term. It solves them with multidirectional difference scheme. For time axis computation, Crank- Nicolson method is employed, which is one of the secondary accuracy schemes. Pressure is derived from Poisson equations.

Followings are some of computational results of Nagare3D.dh;

  • - Save flow information as velocity, pressure, temperature and other physical data at each grid point,
  • - Output data is binary and disclosed, which is convertible,
  • - Clef3D visualizes results during processing in real time.

Nagare3D.dh is compatible with various types of computers. Below is representative environment;

  • - CPU:Intel Core i7 ®, Xeon ®, Itanium2®, AMD Opteron® and others,
  • - OS:Windows ®, Linux.

Application of installation environment such as CPU, OS and analysis objects prior to your purchase helps us to setup/advise optimized specification for your environment.


Price and licensing

    • \2,200,000 / 1CPU (up to 8 cores)
    • \3,950,000 / 2CPUs (up to 16 cores)
    • Visualization software Clef3D and CAD data conversion tool DxfCnv are included.

A package includes an installation guide and a media. The documentations are PDF formatted.

Annual support fee is 25% of a product.

    • \550,000 / 1CPU (up to 8 cores)
    • \990,000 / 2CPUs (up to 16 cores)

Annual support contracts; installation training, online usage support, software upgrade such as modifying lattice size and re-compilation due to computational environment.
An assistance for a fluid challenge or for an analytical approach is available at the consulting contactract separately.

iCFD offers other softwares with generalized coordinate system or compressible fluid analysis as well. We also customize a software for your specialized purpose, and offer consulting services. For detailed and specific information, please contact our customer center.

Incompressible fluid analysis software for generalized(curvilinear) coodinate system


Nagare3D.G makes it possible to analyze unsteady flow with a high degree of accuracy. Employing general curvilinear coordinate system, it is possible to obtain a solution in severe condition, such as flow with the release of high angle of attack around a plane wing, as well as flow with basic objects as a cylinder. With packaged visualization software, Clef, it is also possible to visualize in parallel while analyzing.
Packaged grid generator duplicates configuration according to the NACA series, such as 2D airfoil, cylinder, rectangular cylinder and elliptic cylinder, precisely and easily. You might contact us for more complex objects or grid generations as well as geological formation.

2D incompressible fluid analysis software to getting started


HyperNagare is composed of 3 kinds of software due to fluid analysis purpose. It makes users to set up both calculation and visualization conditions. Even though the software is introductory, it visualizes analysis results of non-stational flow in real time.

Coordinate system and usage example

General description Usage example
2D-F1 Cartesian coordinate system Intracavity flow, setting inlet/outlet in a space, an object and temperature. Analysis and visualization of indoor flow with a heat generator.
2D-F2 curvilinear coordinate system With an accompanying grid generator, visualize precisely flow at object surface (including curving object). Flow analysis and visualization of cylinder and rectangular/elliptic cylinder.
2D-F3 Cartesian coordinate system Analysis and visualization of complicated object which is difficult to duplicate in curvilinear coordinate system. Note that temperature cannot be handled. Flow analysis and visualization of inside/outside object with shape complexity.

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