Visualization Software

The software visualizes computation results, cartographic information and others, which is an effective tool to monitor various phenomena.

Nagare Series – standard


Clef is a simple and intuitive visualization tool for science and technology calculation. Combination with all-purpose animation tool makes it possible for a user to make animations of analysis results. Clef is optimized for Nagare, our fluid analysis software, however, loadable data format is disclosed, which means it has broad utility for various area such as geographic or magnetic field analysis.


Coordinate system structured grid, and, Cartesian and generalized coordinate system
Presentation computational grid, shading, isogram, equivalent face, velocity vector, streamline, particle path, coordinate axis, flame, object surface rendering, volume rendering
Projection transform perspective projection, orthogonal projection
Transition lattice supported
display 2D graph BMP,PPM,MELT,Postscript,NVS, et al.
Output image file set time steps, average at any time steps, data output interval, display color bar, others
Other functions vorticity calculation/display, move (rotate, scaling, translate), view transformation, set transmittance, modify color mapping, comments, save setting condition, et al.

Loadable data format
Clef loads 2 kinds of binary data files: grid data file, and field data file which contains physical data of calculation.
Grid data is structured grid, which is employed in finite difference method, and it is adapted both to Cartesian and generalized coordinate system, though non-structured grid is not supported. Field file is physical quantity which is given to each lattice point recorded in grid data file, such as velocity in x, y and z direction, pressure, density, temperature and vorticity. For data format, please contact our customer center.

Licensing and Support

ProductClef(Visualization software)
License 1user/node/year
License price※ 3D:\330,000
※Nagare series - standard
License renewal 3D:\82,500(on demand)
Support Online support during term of agreement
Requirement Hardware:32bit,64bit computer(Pentium,Xeon,Opteron,Alpha, others)
Others For educational institute, a laboratory may be licensed with a site licensing contract. Besides, notification that “iCFD visualization software Clef is used” in a presented paper to send it to iCFD may renew the license for free.  

Clef is developed in IPA "創造的ソフトウェア育成事業" project.
Tax is included.As of 10/1/2019

Visualization software compatible with non-structured grid


GSV is compatible with non-structured grid as well.


Coordinate system Direct-equally-spaced grid and structured/non-structured grid
Presentation Contour, equivalent face, vector, streamline, simple volume rendering, particle path, et al.

Licensing and Support

Product GSV(visualization software for non-structured grid)
License 1CPU/year
License price \330,000
Support Online support during term of agreement
Requirement Hardware:32bit,64bit computer(Pentium,Xeon,Opteron, others)

Tax is inclueded. As of 10/1/2019

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