Our physical / fluid dynamics experiences have been shared through collaborative & contracted researches, and our specialists provide technical consulting services. Our methodology is “Based on physics, not on physical hypothesis” for physical phenomena.

Belows are our partial achievements. For more, visit our Gallery.


  • Influence analysis of large-scale development
  • Influence analysis of solar panels on mountainside
  • Airflow analysis caused by highway/railway construction
  • Consulting for building/parking arrangement during planning


  • Wind load analysis
    • solar panel(s) and their installation environment
    • antennas in windy mountains and on ships
    • wind generator system
  • Analysis on cooling huge telescope lens with wind
  • Wind analysis around buildings

Disaster prevention

  • Diffusion analysis
    • Pollutant for alarm installation
    • Emissions from plants pollutant in accident
  • Analysis on forest fire spread and fighting


  • Reservoir analysis in water plant